WH2950 weather station

Adventures with a PanTech(Fine Offset) weather station.
Last update: 12 August 2018
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For decades, I've kept weather records for my property in the hills outside Cessnock, in the Hunter Valley. The records are all on paper. Only rainfall data has ever made it into electronic form. In May, I decided to try to automate the process of collecting and logging data. To that end, I bought a PanTech WH2950 weather station on eBay. History of the purchase and attempts to get the weather station working as intended are detailed in the timeline.


Not fit for purpose. Even if it can be made to do what it's apparently designed to do, it would not do what I want.


The story

The hardware seems to be a re-branded Fine Offset WH2950.

Two features that attracted me to this model were:

The outdoor sensor unit is of a type that (as far as I can tell) has a good reputation for accuracy, robustness and reliability. It certainly seems to work well enough. It's a pity the rest of the implementation is so peculiar.

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What now?

Common design limitations have spawned projects to intercept transmissions from the outdoor sensor unit, so data can be logged. I might give that a go. My attempts will be documented here.

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