Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
Shadow Minister for Broadband,
Communications and the Digital Economy
Liberal Senator for South Australia


2 4 OCT 2008


Mr David Boxall
33 Mount Baker Road





Thank you for your email of 23 October 2008 in which you express your views in relation to the Federal Government's plans to introduce a mandatory internet filtering system in this country.

There are many concerns in the community both about the effect of this measure on system performance and the manner in which a blanket arbitrary determination about web content will be imposed by the Government.

Internet Service Providers are also understandably concerned about the impact that Labor's scheme will have on business.

The Coalition fully supports guarding our children from being exposed to inappropriate internet content, and is of the firm belief that parental and adult supervision and guidance should be front and centre of all efforts.

We also believe that in relation to criminal conduct online, our nation's law enforcement bodies should be adequately resourced to monitor and investigate unlawful activity.

On 28 July, the Government announced it was seeking expressions of interest for participants in a live pilot trial for its filtering concept after conducting limited laboratory tests.



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Telephone: 08 8362 8600
Facsimilie: 08 8362 8579
Toll Free: 1300 301 647


The Coalition will monitor the progress of this trial with great interest and make a considered assessment based on its outcomes. This will include analysis of the specifications and performance of the filtering methods tested.

Thank you again for taking the time to express your views on this issue, which will be taken into account when the Coalition makes its final assessment of the Government's plan.




Yours sincerely