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Text OCR'd from hardcopy of letter dated 16 June 2007.

RE: Broadband Satellite

Thankyou for your instructions to proceed with receiving satellite broadband services through Bluemaxx.

As discussed before we can coordinate the installation of the necessary satellite equipment, we require you to complete the following documents.

  1. Bluemaxx application form.

  2. Preferred Payment method — Credit Card or Direct Debit

  3. Attestation Form — Please read carefully, complete and sign.

  4. Terms & Conditions

As soon as we receive the original completed documents. we will arrange for a representative from GM Communications Pty Ltd, whom complete our installations, to contact you to arrange a time convenient for the installation.

If any information that is disclosed in the enclosed form is incorrect, please amend accordingly. All information must be true and accurate to be eligible and claimable under the Australian Government's Broadband Guarantee program. Should any information be inaccurate or misleading, Bluemaxx retains the rights to seek full recovery of any and all costs incurred.

This offer has been made available with assistance from the Australian Government's Broadband Guarantee program. Please visit D.C.I.T.A. web site below to complete the necessary eligibility check that Metro Comparable Broadband is not available in your area.

Bluemaxx has checked and registered that you are eligible to participate within the Australian Government Broadband Guarantee Program on your behalf however it is your responsibility to check with all local suppliers to ensure that you are unable to obtain a metro comparable terrestrial service in your area.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Bluemaxx team with any queries and we look forward too receiving your completed documents soon.

Yours sincerely, Bluemaxx Team

BlueMaxx Communications Pty Ltd
PO Box 2777
Toowoomba Old 4350

Fax: 07 4638 7966

ABN- 57 677 437 257 005 ACN: 114 520 273