Subject: Re: Device won't start following update [Incident: 120314-005797]
Date: 20/03/2012 2:00 PM
To: TomTom Support Team <>

On 19/03/2012 6:24 PM, TomTom Support Team wrote:

The device System Information states that the map data is corrupt on device.

Follow the below steps to resolve the issue.
STEP 5 Restore the map back on device

- Connect device to HOME
- Click on Add Traffic, Safety Cameras, Voices, etc in HOME
- Click on 'Items on my computer' on last page
- Click on 'Maps' and select the map


Everything seemed to go OK, up to this point. The device now starts, but there are no maps on my computer. Could they have been erased when I followed your earlier instructions to delete the application and data?

I've updated the System Information in My TomTom.