Subject: Device won't start following update [Incident: 120314-005797]
From: "TomTom Support Team" <>
Date: 19/03/2012 6:24 PM

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Device won't start following update
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 Response (Sumit N.) 19/03/2012 07.23 AM
Dear David,

Thank you for your reply.

This is Susan with TomTom Customer Support.

The reference number for your query is 120314-005797.

The device System Information states that the map data is corrupt on device.

Follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

If you haven't already done so, please download and install the latest version of TomTom HOME from

STEP 1 - Connect device to HOME using the USB cable.

STEP 2 Format your device

- Open My Computer; you will see the TomTom device as a removable disk drive.
- Right click on the TomTom device drive and choose 'Format' (Please make sure quick format is not selected)

On a Mac:-
- On a Mac, you can format the disk via 'Disk Utility', Select the TomTom drive and select 'MS DOS File System' and press erase.
The application can be found under Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility

After the Format has completed, please disconnect your TomTom device from your computer.

It will now have a red cross on the screen.

STEP 3 Open TomTom HOME

- Log in to your account with your email address and password for your TomTom account.
- On Page 2 of TomTom HOME, click on ‚€˜Manage My TomTom -> Items on Computer‚€™
- Tick the option for ‚€˜Applications‚€™
- Click on ‚€˜Remove Selected Items‚€™

STEP 4 Install the Application

- Reset your TomTom device as shown on
- Connect it to your computer and THEN turn it on
- HOME will now search for updates automatically. If not please click on ‚€œUpdate my XXL‚€�
- A list of updates should appear
- If there is a TomTom application (with the green puzzle piece icon), please ensure it is ticked
- Click on 'Update and Install'
- Once complete click on Done and your device should reboot itself
- Once it connects again it will look for more updates
- When you have a new list of updates please click on Back
- Disconnect the device by clicking on the Blue Eject button in the bottom right
- Now connect again and repeat STEP 4 to install any further Application updates until no more updates are offered

STEP 5 Restore the map back on device

- Connect device to HOME
- Click on Add Traffic, Safety Cameras, Voices, etc in HOME
- Click on 'Items on my computer' on last page
- Click on 'Maps' and select the map
- Click on ADD

Safely disconnect device from HOME.

This should resolve the issue.

If the issue persist, provide us the device purchase invoice for further investigation.

To send the purchase receipt, reply to this email by log in to your TomTom account via the TomTom website.

Click on ‚€˜My TomTom‚€™ in the top right -> ‚€˜My Questions History'.

Click on the "My Questions" on the right side of the page and then you will see the title of your email. Enter a message in the 'Update this question' box.

You can attach the Proof of Purchase that you wish to send to us by clicking on 'Browse'.

You can then find the document you wish to attach and click on 'Add Attachment'.

Please note that we prefer if you reply with the information via the TomTom website and update your question with the attached Proof of Purchase or Exchange. We will be able to process your query a lot sooner. Please send either a .pdf file or a .jpg image file. Please do not send .bmp files.

The Serial number can be found on the base of the device, by the barcode on the white or silver sticker. It usually begins with 'C_No' or 'S/N' followed by one or two letters and a series of nine or ten more digits. For example, 'V12345A67890' or 'RB12345I67890'.

I will be waiting for your reply.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team, we are available Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm on 1300 135 604 for Australia or 0800 450 973 for New Zealand.

With Best Regards

Susan N
TomTom Customer Support Team

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