A set-top box with Android and PVR functionality

From cold, start-up takes almost a minute. From warm, about five seconds less.

The only video outputs are SCART and HDMI. Rear panel.
A supplied adapter provides component and composite video, plus RCA stereo audio from the SCART port.

My first problem was the lack of any signal via the supplied adapter. Fortunately, HDMI worked. More fortunately still, I had an HDMI cable and compatible display.

Once I had a display to work with, I was able to set up the component video and audio. The component video display cut off a little of the left-hand side of the picture. Adjusting the over-scan remedied that, but left a blank strip down the right-hand side of the display.

The tuner proved less sensitive than most I've worked with. Where others perform flawlessly on the same antenna connection, this unit often reports "No or Bad Signal".

For set-up (and operations in general), a wireless keyboard/trackpad combination proved far less frustrating than the supplied remote control.

Though a USB WiFi dongle is supplied, I set up a wired connection. Network set up is as straightforward as it ever gets.

The application store is Kudroid. The range of applications is limited and, for my purposes, not very useful. An attempt to use Android Market failed. Apparently, this unit is not compatible with applications from that market. At least, that's the message I got with the applications that I tried.

Display Issues

Despite the problems mentioned above, I'd prefer the box to output component video. Trouble is, it won't stay put. I'll find no component signal and, on plugging in an HDMI cable, discover that the unit has switched itself there. Setting it up on HDMI has similar outcomes. I'll find no signal there and, on plugging in the adapter, find that it's switched itself to SCART. My TV doesn't have enough connections to afford me the luxury of devoting two interfaces to this one box.

When it switches itself from SCART to HDMI, the box often defaults to a distorted (full width, but less than full height), low definition display. My guess is that it's NTSC.

PVR function

The box will record to a USB drive. The trouble is, it evidently has difficulty discriminating between services.

The recordings are in files, the maximum size of which Windows shows as 2,097,152 KB (2 Gigabytes, I think). For a single recording, the files should all be of the same service.

As an experiment, I scheduled a recording from Channel 10 (that being one of the channels that this box reliably receives). The first file generated was from channel 1 (10 HD - the right transport stream, but the wrong service). The next file, which should have continued the same recording, was from channel 11 (the same transport stream, but a different service). The next file was again channel 1.

At 2 PM (Australian EDT) on 24 November 2011, I lodged a support request with DGTEC via their feedback form (strangely, the support form rejected the model number of my hardware):
I've detailed my experiences at http://david.boxall.id.au/DG-HD2104AND.html.

The most substantial issue is the unit's habit of switching outputs. If we can't stop that, then I'll have to return it.

The PVR issues are next in priority. I'm hoping a firmware update will fix it.

Can we get component video to display correctly on my 1366 by 768 pixel TV?

A more comprehensive range of applications would be nice. I'm looking particularly for:
* a browser that can handle local html files (listing directories, following the tree, and the like). The Android browser is pretty hopeless at that, as are those based on it;
* an ePub reader;
* a text reader that displays a fixed-width font and;
* a PDF reader.
In the Android world outside, suitable applications are available cost-free.

At 1:30 PM (Australian EDT) on 08 December 2011, I emailed dgtec@dgtec.com.au:
Two weeks ago, I lodged an enquiry via your online form. For details, see <http://david.boxall.id.au/DG-HD2104AND.html>. As I have received no response, I presume you have no answers.

Failing a reply to this message by 15 December 2011, I'll return the hardware to the retailer as not fit for purpose.

In the abscence of any response from DGTEC, I returned the unit on 17 December. I subsequently received the following message from DGTEC:

Subject: RE: DGTEC DG-HD2104AND
"DGTEC" <dgtec@dgtec.com.au>
23/12/2011 9:00 AM

Dear Customer,

Please visit the DGTEC website and download the firmware.

There is now indeed, a listing for this model on DGTEC's software upgrade page.

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