433MHz receiver

Project to intercept transmissions and log data
Last update: 12 August 2018

Signal source:
The outdoor sensor unit of a PanTech WH2950 weather station. The hardware seems to be a re-branded Fine Offset WH2950.


The setup is not peculiar to this model. That has spawned a number of projects to intercept transmissions from various outdoor sensor units. Many of the weather stations look like re-branded Fine Offset hardware, so communications protocols might be similar.

Practical Arduino Weather Station Receiver for La Crosse WS-2355 (2009).
Sketch on GitHub
YouTube video
Kayne Richens' development of the Practical Arduino receiver, for BIOS/Thermor DG950R (2010)
Follow-up post
Sketch on GitHub
Kelsey Jordahl's receiver for La Crosse TX4 on GitHub (2012)
Reverse engineering wireless sensor data streams on rayshobby.net, Part 1 (2014).
Part 2 humidity/temperature sensor.
Part 3 rain gauge.
Part 4 soil moisture sensor.
Jean-Paul Roubelat’s page on LaCrosse sensors
WSDL WxShield for Arduino

To be continued.

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