Text from email 07 February 2019
Last update: 11 February 2019
Subject:#0268#### : boxall.id.au - Settlement Amount From: accounts@netregistry.com.au <accounts@netregistry.com.au>

Your service has now been cancelled, however it looks like your request to cancel the service was submitted after the subscription had already renewed. Due to the cancellation request being submitted a bit late, there is now an outstanding invoice on your account. The outstanding invoice amounts to $155.25. If you make a partial payment in the amount of $77.62, I'll be able to accept this as full and final payment for the outstanding invoice.

You can make this payment right now via the below URL:

Account Reference: PBA#######
Invoice Number: ########

When paying your invoice online, you have the ability to edit the payment value field before clicking the [Pay Invoice] button. Please follow the steps below to make a partial payment towards your outstanding invoice.

 1. Login to the Account.
 2. Click on the "Billing" tab.
 3. Search for the invoice you wish to pay and click "Pay now" link.
 4. On the Tax Invoice page, you will need to select or provide the payment details.
 5. Edit the value of the amount you wish to pay.
 6. Click on the "Pay Invoice" button.

Alternatively, you may also call our help desk at (02) 9934 0501 and pay over the phone by using your credit card or use one of the payment methods mentioned in the below support article.


Please notify me via reply email as soon as you've made the partial payment so that I can organise to have the difference credited off and invoice settled.

If you require any further assistance regarding this outstanding invoice, please let me know.

Kind Regards,
Jo Christie

The Netregistry Team

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