Text from email 11 January 2019
Last update: 11 February 2019
Subject:Failed credit card transaction for Account Ref PBA####### From: Netregistry Accounts <accounts@netregistry.com.au>

We have attempted to charge your credit card: 4622xxxxxxxx#### for payment of services on invoice number ########, but the transaction has been declined for the following reason: SYSTEM ERROR 96.

Pay this invoice now

If you would like to settle your invoice now you can do so by simply clicking the 'Pay Now' button below

Update your credit card details

To change the credit card on file for the future billing of the service, then please log on to your account PBA2130177 at https://theconsole.netregistry.com.au/ and follow these steps:

1. Click the "Billing & Invoices" tab.
2. Click "Credit Card Details"
3. Enter a new credit card and make sure you tick the box

Please note that changing the default credit card only updates the future billing of all services already set to be paid by credit card. This action does not pay off any existing outstanding invoices; these have to be paid in a separate step as listed in the top half of this correspondence.

Should your credit card on file be expired, we will attempt to automatically update the expiry date of your credit card when processing the next payment to minimise service disruption.

Alternatively please contact our customer service team on (02) 9934 0501 to update your credit card details or arrange an alternative method of payment. We have an automated credit control process, if your account is not paid within 7 days, it will be suspended. This suspension will affect all the services on your account so please act promptly.

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