Text from email 5/09/2017 8:38 AM
Last update: 14 September 2017
Subject: #01383964 : boxall.id.au: Double Charged due to Migration From: uber.migrations@netregistry.com.au

Hi David,

Apologies for the delayed response regarding this concern.

I have reviewed the records of your account with Uber and I have confirmed that you have paid for the service subscription attached to the domain name boxall.id.au that is valid until 11/01/2018. I have voided the invoice (#10143363) so you no longer have to pay for it and I have also corrected the next invoice date on your domain name. This has been a migration error when your account was transferred from Uber to Netregistry, and we apologise for the inconvenience.

Should you have any further concerns or clarifications, feel free to reply to this email.


Kind Regards,

The Uber Team


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