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Last update: 30 August 2017
Subject: Re: #01357569 : Fwd: Suspended account - boxall.id.au [Case #01355447] Net Virtue sales: Ticket ID 678849 To: support@netregistry.com.au <support@netregistry.com.au>

On 20/08/2017 11:49 AM, support@netregistry.com.au wrote:
... here's how you can get your EPP code or Domain Password in your Netregistry console:

*    Log into your Account
*    Manage the domain you want to make changes to
*    Click Domain Name
*    Click ‘Show’ next to ‘EPP Password’ or ‘Domain Password’
*    If you have a .au domain, you will need to click on View, located next to Current domain password (Auth-Info) in order to see your auth code

Several problems:
1. There's no ‘Show’ next to ‘EPP Password’ or ‘Domain Password’. In fact, there's no ‘EPP Password’ or ‘Domain Password’
2. When I logged into the console, it had me change my password. Now it won't accept either the old or new passwords.
3. I couldn't login to cPanel. It wouldn't accept any of  the passwords I've used over the years.
4. When I tried to get a reset code, it wouldn't accept any of the email addresses I've used over the years. I own a couple of domains and have dozens of active email addresses, so I'm at a bit of a loss.
4. The account showed a spurious outstanding balance. I'm paid up to January next year. Please have your accounts department correct the error.

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