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Last update: 27 August 2017
Subject: Welcome to Netregistry, David! From: Netregistry Migration Support <no-reply@netregistry.com.au>

Welcome to Netregistry!

Dear David,

We're happy to announce that your UberBusiness domain(s) have been moved to Netregistry. Transferred domain(s) are as follows:


You'll now enjoy a number of benefits, features and product options to help you grow your business online.

What do I need to do?

Your Domain Name System (DNS) is hosted with us, so we will complete all the necessary technical changes to ensure a seamless transition for you for the following domains:,


Please also note that you will be subject to the Netregistry Terms and Conditions.

How do I access my domains?

You will need to log into The Console, our online account management portal. Your credentials are as follows:

The Console: https://theconsole.netregistry.com.au/
Account Reference:  ██████████
Password:  █████████

Who do I contact in relation to my account?

For answers to questions you may have surrounding these changes, please read these Frequently Asked Questions and visit our Support Centre, which has some helpful guides to assist you with managing your service(s).

You're also welcome to contact our Dedicated Migrations team, but to make things easier, please have your Account Reference at the ready. It may help if you read this Authentication against your account article prior to calling too.

We're here to help

We welcome any feedback you have regarding your experience throughout the migration process. Please email our Dedicated Migration Team or contact us via live chat.

Kind regards,

Emma Hunt

Managing Director - Small and Medium Business

Melbourne IT

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