Text from email 26/05/2017 12:55 PM
Last update: 27 August 2017
Subject: From:

Dear David,

Recently we sent you the below email without supplying your scheduled migration date.  We apologise for the confusion.,

Please see below for your scheduled migration date.,

Thank you,,

Uber Global & Netregistry ,

Dear David,<,

We’re contacting you again as your migration to state-of-the-art infrastructure, and our new account management portal, The Console, is scheduled for 30/05/2017.,

What this change means for you,

Next steps

Domain/s to be moved:,


What do I need to do?,

Your Domain Name System (DNS) is hosted with us, so we will complete all the necessary technical changes to ensure a seamless transition for you for the following domains:,


We recommend not making any changes to your website on the days either side of your move date.,

We're here to help,

For answers to questions you may have surrounding these changes, information is available in these frequently asked questions. Alternatively, you can contact us via  email, live chat, or call us on: 138 237, or +61 (2) 9934 0510 if calling from an International location.,

Kind regards,,

Emma Hunt,

Managing Director - Small and Medium Business,

Melbourne IT

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