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Last update: 26 August 2017
Subject: David, we're upgrading your hosting service From: Uber Migration Support <noreply@uber.com.au>


We've listened to our customers' feedback, and we're taking action by streamlining our brands, products and services. Thus, we're happy to announce that UberBusiness is moving to Netregistry - one of Australia's largest providers of domain names and online solutions.

Netregistry has helped over 500,000 Australian businesses expand and grow in the digital space. Netregistry is part of the Melbourne IT Group and offers a comprehensive suite of services from world-class website hosting to great value domain names, effective web design, and online marketing services.

You'll enjoy a number of benefits including 24/7 support, new features, and product options to help you grow your business online.

What does this mean for me?

At this stage no action is required. We will notify you of any action required seven (7) days before the move in our next communication to you.

Domain/s to be moved:


We're here to help

For answers to many common questions surrounding this move, please read these FAQs.

If you have any concerns, please email our Dedicated Migration Team, or contact us via live chat.

Kind regards,

Uber Global & Netregistry

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