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Last update: 28 April 2016

Subject: Labor's plan for telecommunications
Date: 5/04/2016 8:24 AM
To: "Fitzgibbon, Joel (MP)" <>

Dear sir,

I was interested to read you column on the shameful fate of the NBN (The Advertiser 30 March). The NBN is a project to repair some of the harm done by past mistakes. It isn't a separate issue, but part of the larger problem of Australia's degenerate telecommunications ecology. In the upcoming election, telecommunications will play a key role in determining my vote.

The anticipated service life of optical fibre is a century or so. Diligent government will plan accordingly.

What is your party's hundred-year plan for Australia's telecommunications infrastructure? What is your vision for the network in ten, twenty and fifty years' time?

Subject: RE: Labor's plan for telecommunications
From: "Fitzgibbon, Joel (MP)" <>
Date: 5/04/2016 1:23 PM
To: 'David Boxall' <>
CC: "Deloraine, Liz (J. Fitzgibbon, MP)" <>, "Boyd, Christine (J. Fitzgibbon, MP)" <>, "Pagan, Kim (J. Fitzgibbon, MP)" <>


Labor will obviously need to see what we inherit but we maintain a commitment to fibre to the premise.


Comment: Labor doesn't seem to be taking the issue seriously. At best, there's no vision for the future (beyond the next election).

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